• China aviation News (Can News) is a subsidiary of China aviation newspaper (Can Press) of aviation industry in the first News portal, in both Chinese and English. It serves not only as a platform for industry information and exchange, but also a window for the public to understand the aviation industry. The website provides at least 100 pieces of news per day, covering aviation, civil aviation, defense, maintenance, colleges and universities and the whole industry chain.

    besides the traditional media platform, CAN also sees an increasingly development in its communication business of digital media. So far, CAN owns a series of digital media publications such as the social media aviation Weibo and WeChat with more than 300w+ industrial users, CAN Video which covers 100w+ TV and internet viewers. The mobile and social media clusters which infect 5000w+ social people. CAN has established long-term stable cooperative relations with mainstream media. By taking advantage of a variety of industry resources, professional teams and domestic and overseas strategic partners, CAN also organizes and hosts numerous events and conventions, thereby offering a complete range of communication services concerning exhibition communication, professional consulting, brand communication, network and video communication, media relations, graphic and multimedia design. By providing strategic partners and important customers with customized community service solutions, we hope to help them conduct targeted communication and achieve effective connections with potential partners or target users.

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